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Great River Books is an independent publisher of books and materials offering innovative approaches to human development and learning at all ages and in any setting. We have continued to flourish and produce quality books for more than four decades thanks to the support of our readers and authors, as well as advances in computer and internet technologies.

These same wonderful technologies have also made it possible to acquire our books online at ever-lower costs. However, as most book-buyers know, books ordered through giant online retailers yield an ever-shrinking return to the authors and publishers who create them. To encourage our customers to order books directly from us
we are now offering a 20% discount on selected online book orders through our website, as well as the lowest prices anywhere on our eBooks. We invite you to take immediate advantage of this discount. While you are here, we invite you to download free of one of our all-time favorite books, out of print but brought back to life as an eBook. No strings attached.

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Thus Have I Seen
Revealing the Truth
Playing in the Unified Field
Now...for My Next Number

Smart Moves

The Dominance Factor
Ten Steps to A Learning Organization
Crab-Bags &
Other Bean-Beings
The Everyday Genius
School Success
Seeing with Magic Glasses
In the Zone
The Genesis Principle
Life Drawing Life
The Spirit's Pilgrimage
We Are the Miracle
The Butterfly Dreams
Gulliver's Travels