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The Everyday Genius

Restoring Children's Natural Joy of Learning — And Yours Too

Peter Kline

Enthusiastically endorsed by parents, teachers and even corporate trainers, here is a book that clearly explains why and how successful learning occurs. It is also a practical guide for producing confident, eager learners. The book can be used immediately by parents and teachers to prepare young people for school — at any age, in any school.

Knowing that learning is most effective when it is fun, Peter Kline shows how to create the most supportive environment and attitudes for learning. And he does it in a book that's exciting to read and hard to put down. With this book as a guide, you can transform your family or classroom environment into one that is genuinely conducive to learning and achievement. And that's not all... in the dozens of games and activities in The Everyday Genius you will learn and practice basic tools for many learning situations.


"A wonderful journey into the world of childhood, learning, and creativity. Not only does Kline provide hundreds of practical ideas for encouraging learning at home and at school, he also makes us all think a little bit harder about what learning really means in our lives. I recommend it to anyone who cares about our most precious natural resource — the children of the world."

— Thomas Armstrong, author of In Their Own Way

"This is a gem of a book about communicating with children and so much more. Techniques for Raising A Happy Well-Adjusted Child might be a more apt title. It's a hard book to put down."

— Thinking Families

"Kline has much to say to each of us about learning, about being playful and joyful, about the importance of learning in our lives."

— Child Care Information Exchange

"The Everyday Genius is a full course in attitude change about education. Appropriately, it's exciting and easy to read. In this day of regressive instructional technique and test-centered curriculum, the book is a breath of real hope."

— New Age Retailer

An exponent of innovative, highly successful educational and organizational practices, Peter Kline has pioneered methods that accelerate learning and bring involvement and excitement to the classroom and the workplace. A consultant to government agencies, corporations and school systems worldwide, he has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and has been the subject of a variety of profiles and studies. His far-ranging interests include a long-standing involvement with the theater, and research into the authorship of the Shakespeare plays, on which he is an internationally recognized expert. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

e-mail: [email protected]

Cloth & Trade paperback
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288 pages


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Pb: ISBN 0-915556-18-9

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