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Seeing with Magic Glasses

A Teacher’s View from the Front Line of the Learning Revolution

Launa Ellison

Nationally recognized, award-winning teacher, Launa Ellison brings you into her vibrant classroom in a Minneapolis inner city school, and shows it to you through the "magic glasses" that enable her to see and understand all her students and how they need to learn. New insights from scientific research in learning theory help teachers in their attempts to see the whole child. Ms. Ellison reports on the latest brain-based models of learning, including learning styles and psychological type. Her book illuminates these new insights in action as she presents an inviting picture of her classroom and the human beings in it.

A must read for teachers who want to keep up on the latest theories without losing the human dimension, for parents, and for people who need to be informed about the changes sweeping American education.

"A cornucopia of provocative ideas and timely classroom tips."

— Howard Gardner, Author of Frames of Mind

"A standard and a promise of a bright future for education for all children."

— Joyful Child Journal

"An outstanding sourcebook on how to meet all chidren's needs. Launa Ellison's classroom is one every child deserves to experience."

— Bernice McCarthy, author of The 4Mat System

"Occasionally school administrators are lucky enough to find a book that is at once thought-provoking, enjoyable, informative, and helpful. Seeing With Magic Glasses is such a book."

— The School Administrator Journal

A teacher in the Minneapolis public schools for over 30 years, Launa Ellison helped mold the Clara Barton School, a public K-8 school into one of the outstanding schools in the country (a school featured on the PBS television special, "Why Do Kids Love These Schools?"). Since 1984 she has been editor of the Consortium for Whole Brain Learning, a highly regarded newsletter with an international readership. She has trained teachers in Canada, Singapore, Bangladesh and South Africa. She lives in Minneapolis.

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176 pages


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