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Ten Steps to A Learning Organization

Peter Kline & Bernard Saunders

How do you create a workplace culture where learning, accountability, and innovation flourish at all levels? Beginning with a no-holds-barred Assessment that enables you to pinpoint trouble spots and strengths in your own organization, Ten Steps maps the critical path to renewal using practices that have worked as effectively on shop floors as in corporate boardrooms.

Focusing on the key element for organizational survival — adapting to change, it propounds the workplace culture where people are able to do just that. Filled with games, exercises, assessment tools, empowerment techniques and other strategies; this book has the power to transform the workplace at a highly active level. The entertaining writing style delightfully mirrors the authors' refreshing proposition that workplace change doesn't have to be painful.

Ten Steps mobilizes people's unique talents, strengthens teamwork, and creates safety for innovation. Its methods are easy to learn, to put into practice, and designed to enhance the success of your organization.

"'Learn or die!' must be the rallying cry for the creation of a prosperous future. Kline and Saunders have demystified the learning organization and translated its abstract notions into an extremely practical competitive strategy. Buy it and use it!"

— Jim Kouzes, President, Tom Peters Group /Learning Systems

"A recommended resource. Written with any size organization in mind, this guidebook provides a practical approach to becoming a learning organization."

— On Achieving Excellence Newsletter

"Kline and Saunders saw a need to flesh out the Learning Organization with a practical hands-on guide. They succeeded eminently."

— Business Leader Newsletter

"Lightyears ahead of any training program I've ever worked with. It deals with every measurable key point where leaders and trainers have to be effective in order to really change an organization. And unlike the 'canned' programs that many corporations have wasted literally millions of dollars on, the Ten Steps are clear, commonsense, easy to follow, and can quickly ben 'owned' by the company."

— Tom Norfleet, Training & Employment Group Leader, Subaru-Isuzu

An exponent of innovative, highly successful educational and organizational practices, Peter Kline has pioneered methods that accelerate learning and bring involvement and excitement to the classroom and the workplace. A consultant to government agencies, corporations and school systems worldwide, he has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and has been the subject of a variety of profiles and studies. His far-ranging interests include a long-standing involvement with the theater, and research into the authorship of the Shakespeare plays, on which he is an internationally recognized expert. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Bernard Saunders is a learning consultant specializing in the application of advanced learning concepts and the creation of learning organizations. During the past three decades he has been involved in organizational training and development, working with Fortune 500 copanies in the areas of organizational change, systems thinking, total quality, self-managed work teams and communication. He is also a professional photographer, and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Second Edition

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Assessment tools, illustrations
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