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The Genesis Principle

A Journey into the Source of Creativity and Leadership
Hal Isen & Peter Kline

Where do new ideas come from? This is the question raised and answered in The Genesis Principle. Dave Carey is desperate for a breakthrough. His life is unraveling and none of his considerable prestige and experience is helping. A chance encounter reconnects him with former schoolmate, Adam — now a renowned artist and teacher of the Genesis Principle. During an intense weekend in the woods, Adam puts Dave to the fire with experiences both searing and expanding to bring him face to face with the Source of Creativity.

Based on the timeless wisdom of the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, The Genesis Principle is both a moving story and a guide to self-transformation and greater creativity in personal and professional life.

"I know of no other book in the literature of spiritual development that is more original, more compelling, more hopeful, or more practical. As an opportunity for personal transformation , it is miles ahead of the crowd."

— Joseph Dispenza, Author of Live Better Longer and The Way of the Traveler

"Fulfills its title's promise by bringing readers to the recognition of their Divine Source and a representation of all the attributes this Genesis enhances. I highly recommend this book for its enjoyment as well as its subtle wisdom."

— Jack Schwarz, Author of How to Master the Art of Personal Health

"A powerful and provocative look into who each of us wants to be in the new millennium."

— Peter Weller, Actor and Film Director

"By showing us a way to retool our thinking, Hal Isen and Peter Kline invigorate us with the ability to reinvent ourselves and the institutions where we work."

— Terence Coffman, President, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

As an educator, organizational consultant, clinical hypontherapist and artist, Hal Isen has over thirty-five years experience desiging and conducting transformational programs in creativity, communication and leadership. His drawings, prints and sculpture have been exhibited nationally, including at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Corcoran Galley in Washington, DC, and is included in the collections of the National Library of Medicine and the Smithsonian Institution. He lives in Mill Valley, California.

e-mail: h[email protected]

An exponent of innovative, highly successful educational and organizational practices, Peter Kline has pioneered methods that accelerate learning and bring involvement and excitement to the classroom and the workplace. A consultant to government agencies, corporations and school systems worldwide, he has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and has been the subject of a variety of profiles and studies. In addition to publishing in many areas, his far-ranging interests include a long-standing involvement with the theater, and research into the authorship of the Shakespeare plays, on which he is an internationally recognized expert. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Trade paperback 6 x 9

240 pages

ISBN 0-915556-34-0

LC 99-19245 CIP

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