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School Success

The Inside Story

Peter Kline & Laurence D. Martel, Ph.D.

Become an A student and get better grades with the study skills activities in this book. This tried and true resource has been recommended by Sylvan Learning for years. Starting with the five basic skills of the most successful students, School Success covers dozens of invaluable learning techniques for getting the most out of school: flowcharting, active questioning, super note-taking, mind-mapping, storyboarding, memorizing, visualizing, knowing your learning style, developing winning attitudes and more.

This is an all-around exceptional book for greater student empowerment!

The information is presented in an interactive workbook format that gets you thinking and responding right away, integrating experience and personality with powerful skills and winning attitudes that can be put to use immediately. Although it is suitable for adults, this book is designed particularly for teenagers who are getting too little out of — or getting too little into, their education.

"This book will not only improve students' performance, it will change their lives."

— Dr. Jay Smink, National Dropout Prevention Center

"Goes a long way toward empowering students to take control of their own learning."

— Dr. Michael Webb, Dir., Education & Career Development, National Urban League

"The learner who studies this book will come away a better student, a more self-assured person, full of strategies for success, and willing to take on any task. As an educator, I would like to see this book on every student's desk."

—Dr. Robert F. Kellly, Dir., Utica College of Syracuse University
Former Superintendent of Schools, Harrisburg PA and South San Francisco CA

"Full of valuable activities and suggestions that will help all different types of learners to increase their motivation and to succeed at learning — and to have fun while doing it. "

Dr. Kenneth Dunn, Professor and Chair,
Department of Educational and Community Programs, Queens College, CUNY

An exponent of innovative, highly successful educational and organizational practices, Peter Kline has pioneered methods that accelerate learning and bring involvement and excitement to the classroom and the workplace. A consultant to government agencies, corporations and school systems worldwide, he has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and has been the subject of a variety of profiles and studies. In addition to publishing in many areas, his far-ranging interests include a long-standing involvement with the theater, and research into the authorship of the Shakespeare plays, on which he is an internationally recognized expert. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

e-mail: [email protected]


The late Dr. Laurence Martel was President of Integrative Learning Systems and the not-for-profit National Academy of Learning in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Formerly on the faculty of Syracuse University where he was a director of the Center of Learning and Retention and a professor of ethics and epistemology, he served as project director for the National Instutue of Education and contributing editor of the Journal of Continuing Education. His work has been supported by various governmental and private foundations. He served as a consultant to several governments, state education departments, and major corporations.

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128 pages


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