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We Are the Miracle

Seeking Blessings, Asking Guidance, Finding Help
Susan Maguire

At once a powerful guide to spiritual renewal and a spellbinding personal narrative of loss and discovery. Severely depressed, haunted by the past, Susan Maguire journeys to the inner chamber of the soul and emerges renewed, knowing — eager to share the optimistic, life affirming discoveries in this book. We are the miracle. We are all connected to the universal power and to each other. The help, the answers we need lie within us, within the stillness and depth of our being, within the vast, eternal, complete part of ourselves. But the choice is ours. The number and frequency of miracles that enter our lives depend on how open and willing we are to receive them. We must take an active role for miracles to be a part of our lives, by wanting them, believing in them, receiving them and then by becoming a channel for their healing ways. Susan Maguire shows how to create positive life change through prayer, meditation, inner guidance and loving action.

"Reveals in dramatic fashion what happens when you discover the truth of being. It's a book you'll want to read more than once."

— John Randolph Price, Author of The Superbeings and The Angels Within Us

"Maguire shows the way to create positive life change as you embrace the miracle that is your existence."

— NAPRA ReView

"During the near-tragic nadir of her depression, she prayed constantly for a miracle, a sign, a wonder, not really realizing what they were. After her recovery, she understood that a miracle is almost anything that helps one to live and comprehend God better, even in the tiniest way, and that they occur every second that one looks for them. The philosopher Martineau once insisted that showy 'freak of nature' miracles were not God's best work, whereas the Divine's true masterpieces were in the wonders of the everyday; Maguire decidedly agrees with this view of the miraculous. Simply written and very personal, useful and delightful."

— Douglas S. Johnson, The New Times

Susan Maguire had successful careers in government service and real estate before the severe episode of chronic depression and the recovery out of which this book emerged. She lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, and died in 2000 at the age of 52.

Trade paperback 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

206 pages

ISBN 0-915556-30-8

LC 96-38334 CIP

US$ 14.95


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