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Now ... for My Next Number!

Songs for Multiplying Fun

Margaret Park

Pictures by Sophia Esterman

Music by Troy Lennerd Nielsen, Bruce Lambson & Ahti Mohala

Teaching multiplication tables to kids can be fun and easy. The colorful, sing-along multiplication songs in this book and CD will have children singing and learning multiplication effortlessly. Multiplication facts are stored in verbal areas of the brain, so song lyrics are a great way for kids to learn and memorize the times tables.

And . . .songs learned in childhood are remembered for a lifetime!

Now ... for my Next Number! presents a collection of easy, original songs that will help children practice and understand multiplication. Each song features a number and its multiples and tells a story in rhythm, rhyme, melody and pictures, making math a lively and multi-sensory activity.

Imaginative full color illustrations set the scenes and show coherent groupings of objects that show the number and the number of times it is multiplied. By counting the objects in the pictures children will understand how each multiplication product is derived.

Original music and vocals on the CD will have children singing along and effortlessly absorbing the products of the times tables. When it's time to know the times tables in school, children will already know the answers and have an easy way to practice while singing these songs.

Extra bonus: Shows how to use your hands while memorizing times tables!

“This is a wonderful idea, and the illustrations are great. I bet the music will be the most 'catchy' part.”

Alyssa A. Goodman, Prof. of Astronomy, Harvard Univ. Director, Harvard Initiative in Innovative Computing


“Toe-tapping, hand-clapping, hip-moving fun. Sprinkled with the exuberant and colorful illustrations of Sophia Esterman, the book comes with its own music CD that sings along with the text. Together, the book and CD serve up catchy rhythms and tunes that will have children moving to the beat as they memorize their multiplication tables. I must admit that listening to the funny and diverse music on the CD took me back to those good old days when Sesame Street graced the television screen. A cute, funny and toe-tapping addition to any elementary math classroom or personal library.”

Rita Lorraine Hubbard,

“A picturebook introduction to multiplication for young readers. Whimsical rhymes and colorful illustrations walk the reader through counting the first twelve multiples of numbers two through twelve. An accompanying singsong audio CD of the text enhances this delightful and educational book, recommended especially for young people in elementary school and children's library collections."

Midwest Book Review

“The songs are fun and the music is exceptional. The illustrations are very clever and add visual cues to the multiplication lessons. When the ‘real thing' gets here, they'll be ready.”

— The Reading Tub


“The words on the pages really come to life when you listen to the songs on the CD. The pictures are a detailed, dark, and quirky. This is an enjoyable book to help anyone learn his or her multiplication tables.”


"This fun rhyming book with CD included will help children learn how to multiply while keeping their toes tapping! Bright illustrations are fun to look at and the many pictures of animals will encourage children to count in multiples. This is a great book for any child, but those especially who may be struggling with their multiplication!”

Wee Ones Magazine


“This book” is a lot of fun. It teaches you how to multiply by using skip counting. It starts with twos and goes up to twelves. Each song tells a story to help the numbers make sense. The CD for this book was amazing! The songs are easy to sing and stick in your head. Once you learn the songs, you can sing them to yourself to help you keep learning the times tables. This book is a great way to help kids learn how to multiply.”

Listen to songs from the book:

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Hardcover 8 1/2 x 11

48 full color pages

Original Music CD included

ISBN 978-0-915556-38-0

LC 2007008185 CIP

US$ 16.95

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Margaret Park is a children's book author and an editor of books on child development, brain-based learning, and innovative teaching methods. She wrote the lyrics for all of the songs, and composed the melodies and sang the vocal parts for Thirty-Six Witches , Sinbad Sailed the Seven Seas, At Eight , and Nine Lives. This is her fourth children's book.
e-mail: [email protected]

Sophia Esterman is a painter, print maker, illustrator and art teacher.. She drew and painted all the pictures in the book, including those 108 cats and 108 hutias (the banana thieves in the twelve song). She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Mike Case, a jazz performer, and their cat Naima.

Troy Lennerd Nielsen is an award-winning performer and composer whose musical compositions have been performed in the United States, Europe and China. He composed, arranged, and played all the parts except vocals for A Whole Lot of Hippos , Rhyme Crime Rap and Twelve Islands in the Sun. Troy lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Esme.

Bruce Lambson started on drums and later switched to guitar and bass in high school. He toured for years with hard rock bands throughout the Pacific Northwest and was also a booking agent and band manager. Currently he writes, composes and records solo music projects under the name Mo Bruder. Bruce composed the music and played all the parts including vocals for, Shoes in Twos, and The Happy Dance . He's also the vocalist for A Whole Lot of Hippos , Rhyme Crime Rap and Twelve Islands in the Sun. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Jennie, their daughter Celeste, and their cat Radar.

Ahti Mohala did the musical arrangements and played all the parts except guitar and vocals on the songs; Thirty-Six Witches, Sinbad Sailed the Seven Seas, At Eight, and Nine Lives. In addition to arranging and composing he's a popular and versatile multi-instrumentalist whose performing and recording credits keep him active in many venues. He lives in Kalispell, Montana, with his wife Jamilla and cat Stanley who can be heard making his meowsic debut in the song Nine Lives.

L. T. Smooth did the engineering and mixing and played guitar on Thirty-Six Witches, Sinbad Sailed the Seven Seas, At Eight, and Nine Lives. Originally from New Zealand, he now lives in Kona, Hawaii, where he is a popular performer and recording artist.